About Us


My name is Katrina Nesby. I am 26 year old girl from Clarksdale, MS. This dream actually became a reality by obsession. While attending college I would always buy new hair extensions whenever I could. All my friends and family always joked about how every-time they saw me I had new hair extensions. I was always looking for a particular quality of hair to invest in and most of the time my hair lasted anywhere from 1-3 years. My family and some of my friends would come to me about what hair company to buy hair extensions from and products I use to wash the extensions with. So I decided to make my obsession my passion. 

I started this brand, so that women can feel good about them selves once their hair is nurtured and styled to perfection. When women have bad depressing days we sometimes like to get pampered which makes us feel good about ourselves. Having long beautiful hair is, so nurturing to women in society today. We live and feel good about ourselves when our hair is on fleek. Hair care is important for not only our appearance, but also for our overall hygiene. Their is nothing like our Virgin hair that sway through the fingers and very soft to the touch.So I welcome you to The Mane Hairikane! Luxury Starts Here!